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Exchange Programs

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1. Group Photo of the Participants for the National Conference of Moral Education (April, 2000)


2. Dr. Liang Yongtai, Deputy President of “Break Through” That is the Well-Known Social Group for Adolescents in Hong Kong, Came to Our Institute for Exchange (April, 2002)


3. Dialogue of Special Topics Between Chinese and American Moral Education (2000)


4. Prof.Zhu Xiaoman, Award the Letter of Appointment to Prof. Peter Lang of Wawrick University,                                                                                                                       UK . (March, 2001)                                                                                                                      


5. The Members of the Academic Committee of Our Institute Discuss the Developmental planning of the Institute.


6. Prof. Peter Lang Presents the Books as gifts to Our Institute. (March, 2001)


7. Prof. Zhu Xiaoman, Award the Letter of Appointment to Prof. Chen Huichang of the Research Center of Developmental Psychology, Beijing Normal University (March, 2002)


8. Group Photo of the Representatives Attending “the International Conference of Moral Education in a Pluralistic Society” Sponsored by Our Institute.(May, 2001)


9. Prof. John White and Patricia White from University of London in England Visit Our Institute.(March, 2002)


10. Prof. Huang Huo from Taiwan Works in Our Institute to Do Some Research. He Is Giving a Lecture to Doctor Students. (March, 2002)


11. Receiving the Delegation of the Citizen Education Center From Institute of Education, University of Hong Kong (May, 2002)

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