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Xiaoming Yi

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Xiaoming Yi



Educational Background

PhD, Pedagogy, Nanjing Normal University (2004)

MA, Pedagogy, Nanjing Normal University (1998)


Research Interests(研究方向)

1.The value and orientation of the aesthetic and art education under the social background of contemporary aesthetic culture and economic transformation

2.The empirical research on China's national aesthetic, artistic quality

3.The education through arts and integrated art curriculum

Research Projects

1.2010-2013, Research on the national aesthetic literacy during the period of Economic transformation, sponsored by National Fund for the Philosophy and Social Science, Project Director

2.2009-2012, Research on the national art literacy education, sponsored by Education Department of China, Director of the Branch Project

3. 2009-2012, Survey on the undergraduates art literacy in Jiangsu province, sponsored by Jiangsu Provincial Fund for the Educational Sciences, Project Director

4.2009-2011, Research on the localization of Western visual culture art education, sponsored by Nanjing Normal Universitys Fund, Project Director

5.2004-2007, Research on School Art Education Changing from Skill to Humane Orientation, sponsored by Jiangsu Provincial Fund for the Philosophy and Social Science, Project Director

6.2002-2004, Research on Integrated Art Education of Elementary School, sponsored by Jiangsu Provincial Fund for the Educational Sciences ,Project Director

7.1999-2000, Relative Research on the Sense of Order and Emerging and Developing of Childrens Virtue , sponsored by Nanjing Normal Universitys Fund, Project Director

8.2000-2012, Development and Implementation of National Arts Curriculum Standards, sponsored by Education Department of China, Director of the Branch Project

Journal Articles(发表论文)

Xiaoming Yi(2015), Current situation, influencing factors and educational suggestions of national aesthetic literacy ,Journal of Aesthetic Education[J], No.4

Xiaoming Yi(2014), The Paradigm of Art-Based Educational ResearchGlobal Education [J], No.8

Xiaoming Yi(2014),The cultivation of visuality, Journal of Aesthetic Education[J], No.2.

Xiaoming Yi(2012),The rise of the creative economy and the reforms of school art education, Social Science Front [J], No. 9.

Xiaoming Yi(2012),Aesthetic education is the education which leads students to happiness ------Based on the thinking of the relationship between aesthetics and happiness, Jianghai Academic Journal [J], No. 8.

Xiaoming Yi, Lijiao Du(2012),A Survey Report of the Undergraduates Art Literacy in Jiangsu Province , China Education Daily , 20,Aug.

Xiaoming Yi(2011),Differences between urban and rural students shown in their drawing signs, Educational Research and Experiment[J], No. 2.

Xiaoming Yi(2010),The new trends of aesthetics education in contemporary aesthetic culture, Journal of Higher Education [J], No. 6.

Xiaoming Yi(2010),Review of American Visual Culture Art Education ,Global Education [J], No.8

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Xiaoming Yi(2008),Body, Aesthetics and Art Education, Research on the Preschool Education,[J], No. 5.

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Xiaoming Yi(2002), New Trend of Art Education in Kindergarten, Early Childhood Education[J], No. 2.

Xiaoming Yi(2002), Sense of Order Is the Important Resource of Emotion in the Growth of Childrens Moral,  Research on Preschool Education[J], No. 2.

Xiaoming Yi(2002),Building New Concept of Moral Curriculum, Shanghai Research on Education [J], No. 2.

Xiaoming Yi(2002),Problems and Measures to Subject Moral Curriculum, Jiangxi Educational Research [J], No. 1-2.

Xiaoming Yi(2002),The New Theory of Subject Moral Education , Education Exploration [J] ,No. 1.

Xiaoming Yi(2001),Comparison of Primary Schools Textbook on Moral Education between Mainland China and HongKong, Shanghai Research on Education [J], No. 3.


Xiaoming Yi, Seeking Lost Art Spirit-----The Humanizing Establishment of Children’s Art Education

Beijing: higher Education Press, 2007


Honors and Awards(教学与学术研究领域获奖)

Teaching awards ,Nanjing normal university,2004

Outstanding young teachers , Nanjing normal university,2010

Academic Title(学术兼职)

Vice-director of academic committee of aesthetic education, china aesthetics society

Contact (联系方式)



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