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Caiping Sun

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Caiping Sun is Professor of Education at Nanjing Normal University, vice-director of institute of moral education, which is the unique center sponsored by ME(Ministry of Education of China) in moral education. Her research interest is focused on ethics of education, which broadly covers all the issues relative to the humanity, equality and reasons of education. She has been especially engaged in philosophy of moral education.

Her theoretical research has a cultural focus on ethical and sociological perspective, which has resulted in her books of the Ethical Quality of Education, the  Ethical Genealogy of Moral Education, and some of her articles on the analysis of textbooks for primary schools. Meanwhile she also engages in the moral education textbook developing for both the primary and secondary schools, which are used by lots of schools.

Her on-going research projects include a study of how the modern life style produces the mordent moral education (2011-2015), a project on the how the online-life of the youth affects their values (2012-2015), and a project of moral education textbook, Morality and the Rule of Law, a required curriculum for primary school students in China(2012-2015), and a project of moral status of China’s youth. Her approach is crossing philosophy and sociology, and inspired by Foucault’s works.

Professor Sun has supervised both MA and PhD students across a wide range of areas including the online friends of the secondary school students, the publicity of education, the space of moral education, the class-meeting design of the primary school, the moral consequence of dialogue between teachers and students in classroom.


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