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Le Zhang

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Academic Area:

The basic theory of moral education

Research Interests:

The basic theory of moral education

modernity and moral education

curriculum of moral education in middle and primary school


Educational Background

PhD, School of Education Science, Nanjing Normal University, (2013)

MA, College of Education, Shanghai Normal University, (2010)

BA, School of Education Science, Xuzhou Normal University, (2006)

Research Projects

National Social Science Foundation of Education Youth Project, moral education in risk society, 2014

The Education Project of Institute of Moral Education in NNU, moral education in the age of uncertainty,2013

Journal Articles

Le Zhang. Education Function of Fear and It's Limitations. Journal of Central China Normal University(Humanities and Social Sciences), 2015(6).

Le Zhang. Moral Dilemmas in Risky Society and Countermeasures of School Education. Research in Educational Development, 2015(16-16).

Le Zhang. Secret and the Construction of Children’s Independent Ego: Theory of Children’s Secret in Education and Its Countermeasure. Global Education, 2015(7).

Le Zhang. The Dilemma of Modern Education and Education of Action_ Discussion on Arendt’s Idea of Education. Theory and Practice of Education, 2015(16).

Le Zhang. The Existence Anxiety of Moderns and the Education Recognizing the Limit of Ego. Global Education, 2015(1).

Le Zhang. The Appearance and Solution of Morbid Competition _The Theory of How School Education Faces the Status Anxiety of Modern People. Journal of Educational Science of Hunan Normal University, 2014(6).

Le Zhang. “The Panic People” and the Education Keeping a Person to be Calm. Journal of East China Normal University(Educational Sciences), 2014(3).

Le Zhang. The Individualized Society and Education with Acceptance. Research in Educational Development, 2013(24).

Le Zhang. “Scores Cult” in Modern education: A Perspective of Sociology Analysis. Research in Educational Development, 2012(18).

Le Zhang. Loss of man’s Virtue and Education Making Banality. Research in Educational Development, 2011(21).

Honors and Awards

National doctoral scholarship, 2012

Jiang Su excellent doctoral dissertation, 2014






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