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Brief Introduction of The IME

Nanjing Normal University has a long tradition in moral education. From the theories of Life as Education and Living Education advocated by Mr. Tao Xingzhi and Mr. Chen Heqin to the value of Caring Everyone proposed by Madam Wu Yifang, the moral education theories are deeply rooted in the minds of the later generations of teachers and students in their research and operation of Nanjing Normal University. Since             China ’s adoption of the open-to-the-outside policies, the university became one of the first groups of universities in China which offer doctorate programs in pedagogy and the moral education is highlighted. By now sixty eight candidates have completed their research in moral education and were awarded Ph. D degrees. Twenty one post doctorate research fellows studied in the Institute of Moral Education (IME) Nanjing Normal University in the past eight years.              

The Research Institute of Moral Education was founded in August 1994, restructured in 1999, and approved as national key research institute of humanistic and social sciences by China Ministry of Education in Sept. 25, 2000. Professor Zhu Xiaoman acted as the first director, and Professor Feng Jianjun is the director at present. The leading professors are Professor Lu Jie, Professor Ban Hua and Professor Feng Jianjun. There are twenty two international and domestic part-time research fellows. There are a total floor of 218 square meters for offices and 420 square meters for information centre which have 50 thousand books in Chinese version and 12 thousand books in English. There are more than 200 different magazines and 7000 copies of used magazines collected in the past years.

The centre is aimed to form an excellent working team at the national level and to be the first-grade centre for research and exchange, for training of professionals, for consultancy and for information browsing at national or even international levels.


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